Since 1979
Ceancarel - Alta Moda em Marroquinaria, Lda.
Rua Cruz da Lavoura, 191
3700-813 Romariz
Tel. +351 256 920 120
Fax: +351 256 920 129
Email: ceancarel@ceancarel.pt
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About us

Ceancarel was created in 1979, by a Portuguese manufacturer with strong sensitivity to environmental protection. By early, he cares to develop leather tanning plant products.

Ceancarel brand presents a wide range of products, like scholarships for women and men, folders, wallets, travel goods, belts and small leather goods.

The hides used, the craftsmanship, the products diversity and the finishes sophistication, gives to the entire collection the quality of a genuine article for a lifetime.

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